A woman

Tall, intelligent, and free

Not only took care of herself

But took care of me   

Eighteen kids

And a legacy left behind    

She’s not only theirs

But she’s mine

The way she speaks

The way she laughs

The woman that I want to be

God, if I could only be half

Young at heart

But legally old                                 

Her heart is simply made of gold

Was a woman of God

A woman of praise

Would turn anything dark

into a summer day

From Mississippi

To Topeka

To Illinois

You are my ultimate pride & joy

You are strong

You are mighty

You are loving

Yet oh, so tiny

When you sing

I fill with glee

You make everyone

simply... happy

I remember the days

I used to sit on your lap

I would do anything

To get those days back

You fight battles

Climb mountains

All in slippers & a dress

When you pray,

You have the power to bless

When cancer took over,

I knew she was in pain

But even through that,

Her smile remained the same

She was a survivor

Until one day she seemed...

To become lighter...

No, please, she’s a fighter

The day she finally closed her eyes

Was the day after my mom’s birthday


An angel like her to be taken away should be against the law


Just thought you should know...

You’re my hero grandma

This poem is about: 
My family


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