Here i am Today

Here I am today

Standing tall and mighty

waiting for graduation

the succcessful ending I've been waiting for.


I couldve gave up

but im still pushing through

 to make my momma proud

and my daddy too.


Here I am today

reminiscing my life

the trials and tribulations that I had to face 

to get where I am today


Im focused on what my bright future holds for me

being told that being a quitter is not what i'm meant to be 

Im the only one that holds the key to my future

and when it's time

to walk across that stage

and grab my diploma

my future is unlocked,

the doors are open

and im ready to face the many challenges that i am going to face

Here I am today


Mom you are my inspiration

you inspired me to become the great young lady that i am today

you are the reason why I am here today.


Here i am Today!


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