Here I Am

Here I am, 
See me wait, watch me cry, 
As I remember. 
Here I am, 
Looking on, looking over,
Looking at,
Those front steps.
We used to sit there, you and me.
Here I am,
Thinking deep, thinking hard,
Thinking of,
The ideas we shared on that street.
Here I am,
Sitting silent, sitting still,
Sitting far,
Far away from you. 
Is this how it was meant to be?
Here I am,
Feeling sorry, feeling sickly,
Feeling stupid,
For falling for you.
There I was, 
Seeming silly, seeming gullible, 
Seeming naive,
For feeling this way.
It's okay, today is a new day.
Only what is best for us is hard to see. 
Gwyndolyn Leigh Hughes
(January 23rd, 2014  8:50pm) 


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