Here I Am

Tue, 06/03/2014 - 21:14 -- ley23

Here I am, the real me,

I promise myself not to say these things, 

To keep to my old pretty lies, but the fire of our love burns inside,

Little by little it takes my life.

Just tonight, I want you to understand who I really am, not the mask I hide myself behind, or the girl make up of lies.

Here we are, standing faceto face; you are too scared to hear what I say, 

But the words flood out.

And here I am, watching the time tick away,

As the moon floats in the sky,

I see magic in your eyes,

Loving you deep inside feels like a dream that I can't get out.

I am not the girl you thought I was,

 I've changed, and it was all because of YOU.

In the morning, in the sunlight, you'll understand, because you loved me once.

Now all I have left is the hopes that maybe you could understand..


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