Here I Am


United States
41° 23' 3.9912" N, 105° 27' 13.2192" W

When sadness turns your day to night
And clouds hide all the stars from sight
Don’t lose hope in who you are
Here I am, your shooting star.
Those darn clouds are here to stay
And now your nights a rainy day
Take my hand and you’ll know where to go
Here I am, your rainbow.
Some will say they want to be your sun
And bring your life more light and fun
But in the pit of your darkest hour it seems
Here I am your moon beam.
When your faith you start to question
And you’re pulled from each direction
Don’t be scared when you start to waiver
Here I am your steady river.
The purple clouds put the sun to bed
And surviving the night is what you dread
But find an ounce of courage to carry on
Here I am, your dawn
Life will try to defeat you with every trial
And sometimes it’s too much to even smile
But I promise I’ll be there till the end
Here I am your best friend.


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