Mission Beach
United States

With you, my friend, we spent a full day exploring our city

And I can't even begin to describe the tingling that is still surging its way through my body as I lay awake in bed.

Maybe this is what they meant when they said, "Live life!" 

A day for us to appreciate and unwind from the overbearing stresses of our lives.

To hold hands over the cool sand with a bright blue sky above us.


I hope the most, for days like today to be in my life, but of course they are there.

If I could change anything in this world it would be the internal acknowledgement of all the good things that we have in our lives, no matter where or who we are, and treasure it.

To lie awake here alone in darkness, but to be enveloped in a soft warm comfort as beautiful as the sun setting along the beach horizon.

We could all be at happy places if we could just acknowledge that even in our darkest and lowest hours.


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