Her very own sacrifice


United States
33° 37' 20.208" N, 112° 10' 22.1808" W

There is a girl.
She has the whole world a head of her,
watching her every move.
Standing alone in front of everyone,
Pounding her chest she rips her very own heart out.
Rain pours down on the souls as they gawks at the beating life.
With the heart in her hands,
she peels the pain and suffering off of it.
She rips off all the pain and the greed and forces the mistakes into lessons.
She washes off what is left of the tender heart.
She hold it high in the air as if it were holy.
With tears sweat and blood dripping from her eyes she holds it high.
She offers it to the merciful king.
The girl without a heart.
Collapses in pain and agony as the heart is lifted and taken above the mountain tops.
Now pressing into her head she pulls out all her knowledge.
Here is a girl with brains in the palms of her hands.
She strips the memories apart and soaks out the knowledge.
Working fast and swift.
She makes strips of cloth of all things shes seen.
She takes all the strips of cloth and climbs the mountain to wrap the tender heart in blanket of memories and warmth.
The final bow now tied the girl dies.
Every loose end is tied as she sends her own self off.
Here is a girl who sacrificed her self for the good of the world.
The crowd stands in shock oblivious.
A new baby is born.
A beautiful site being swept up to the heavens.
Something began to glow as the crowd cried.
The girl awoke with teary eyes and shed the tears along side them.
Eyes opened they saw a brand new life.
The wounds were healed.
The tears were dried.
Not a speck of dirt laid upon her.
The innocent rose and calmed her brothers and sisters.
This was the lord doing.
This was the glory of God.


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