Her Smile Is


Her smile is unfit, as it illuminates beyond the masses,

a misfit in a world of hollow and half-hearted expressions,

The connection to comeliness, its source, not here –in there, away from

the world, but evident to all in it,

It doesn’t fit; I don’t want it to, to make repulsive beauty to compel

compatibility, not I

Let this oddity rivaled by no other be with no other,

Exposed for all its imperfections, her smile is faultless in its reflection,

Wrought in purity, her smile is unfitting, this world has no place for it,

unable to comprehend, it only tolerates it -though in her smile, I extol


Her smile is not right, it’s wrong -it’s so wrong!

In a world where good is bad, dishonesty is rewarded, and

obnoxious behavior celebrated,

Her smile is not harmonious, nor is it congruent in this,

the space it finds itself,

So much for honesty and charm I guess, but her smile is laced with both,

as it exudes outward in the form of facial light,

Shining in a world hidden behind shaded lens,

Though in my heart there’s connection, interpretation, processing,

Her smile and my heart intertwine in a mesmeric negotiation, a tacit form

of photosynthesis, as her smile sustains and quickens the tempo of its



Her smile is tragic, a tragedy not seen since the demise of young love in


A beautiful tragedy: a flower’s last bloom before death; the serenity in the

eye of a deadly storm; life lost to save another; pure love given yet not

returned -so tragic,

Tragic, there is no pedestal high enough to place her smile on,

So tragic, the sum of all the world’s beauty is soundly out match by her


Tragic, the smile I see, isn’t seen by all,

So tragic, at best, this turned about world will only ever squint in its


Tragic, her smile is so unique; therefore one of a kind, meaning sadly no

replica exists,

So tragic, my angst at my heart’s inability to arrest her smile’s every beam

of light, at best exhibits my selfishness,

Tragic, my definition of you……her smile…counts for so very little












Written in Afghanistan -28 JUL 2013


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