Her name Is Kat

Blonde haired girl with eyes ocen blue.

Makes her way in this world.

Keeps a smile on her face.

But to her it feels so out of place.

With scars on her wrist.

She wonders why she exist.

Her thoughts dark.

Her demons strong.

She wonders when she"ll sink.

She wonders if it will be long.

With her heart stained black.

She will never understand.

Why i love her so dearly.

How she shines like the stars.

On a pitch black night.

How her smile radiates.

All she can see.

How amazing she is.

Are what the demon want her to see.

How they laugh and they play.

Such sad cruel games.

Inside and out she's beautiful.

I hope one day she will really see.

The beauty inside her.

That could light up the world.

That could make someone give her the stars in the sky.

God how I wish she could see.

Exactly what I see.


This poem is about: 
My family


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