Her depression


You call me a liar
And demand an apology
You deny the truth which is at hand
Justice will always win in the end
How can you sit there making her life wrong
You're sick
You disgust me
It wasn't her fault 
She tries to smile with all her might
She cries before she sleep without a sound
Bloodshot eyes 
Cuts so deep 
How can you live with yourself
Authority not taken
The wrongs you all did her
Making her feel like a mistake
YOU should be ashamed
You made her one step closer to death
She tries hard to stand up for herself
But she is easily pushed back down 
Not giving her the benefit if the doubt 
You made a fool of yourself
For not listening to the poor damsel in distress
The pain corrupts her
Swallowing her whole 
Not eating 
Nor sleeping 
Nor wanting to live another day 
How can you live with yourself 
Knowing this is what is to come
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