You said forever 

I guess you didn't mean it

You went for my best friend

What happened to loyalty? 

She likes you too 

It hurts but if you're happy leave

Go be with her, please do

She's cute, so pretty, she's perfect isn't she? 

Wait this supposed to be about you...

You're the one who broke me

Do I like her too? 

These feelings are too confusing 


These emotions strong, I'm gonna hurl

You used to be my world but what about her?

She's been here looking so beautiful 

As I'm sitting here crying over you she's here to comfort me 

Fuck why is this so painful? 

I'm tired of this should I tell her?

I don't know... I'm fearful 

God I'm gushing 

She's so damn colorful

I know she's bi, she came out to me

I guess I'm really trustful 

But is it still worth the risk?

What if she thinks I'm shameful? 


Now my main question:

Do I really want her?

Or you?  



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