Her hair is like a lion's mane

Copper and flowing in the wind

I long to run my fingers through her locks

And braid her silky tresses

I wish to wake up at her side

My fingers tangled in her hair 

Having my hands running through it

Just the starry night before

I want to brush her hair

Being gentle as to not hurt her


Her eyes are like the ocean

Deep, blue, and endless

A speck of chocolate brown

A silent, empty island 

Amongst in the waves

I want to stare into them

And watch them light up

Filled with glee

Because of something I told her

I want to make her eyes smile


Her cheeks are like ivory

Specked with golden flakes

Sometimes they light up 

Pink and rosy and warm

I want to hold her face in my hands

And pepper her cheeks with love

I crave to make her cheeks pink

After dotting them with my lips

I want to be the cause of that blush

I'd never let it go away


Her voice is like a symphony

The melodic and practiced notes

Make blood rush to my face

And make me run and hide 




Her body is like a pendulum

Swinging back and forth

I watch her gentle movements

Admiring her grace

Her figure is holy

Curvy and soft

I want to touch her

To feel her wrapped around me 

In a tight embrace

Never letting go


Her belly is like rabbits' fur

A fluffy softness I long to feel

I want to run my hands across it

The soft pale skin squishing 

As it moves underneath my slim fingers

With her looking absolutely beautiful

I wonder if she has stretch marks

If she does, I will kiss every single one

I will make her feel loved and special

Perfection in my eyes


Her hands are like velvet

I've touched them before

But only a shake

Only a touch

Not for long enough

I want her to always be there

I wish I could always hold her hands

And feel that delicate softness constantly

My hand in hers'

My heart in her palm


Her legs are like a gazelle's

Graceful and careful

When she runs her legs jiggle

Reminding me she's not society's "perfect"

But she's gorgeous to me

I love the way she walks

With confidence to spare

There are scabs and scraps and scars 

I want to hear the story of each one

Just so I can hear her voice



Beautiful poem!

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