I can’t live without her.

She is the one who has carried my compass to the top, and took my air at the floor.

She loves sad songs with happy melodies.

She loves criticizing the things I love the best, and encourages me to do the things I told her I wouldn’t.

Is she good or bad?

She is water and air and everything I need to survive another day.

She is a beautiful photograph ripped at the edges.

She is the sun bleached copy of my favorite book and the smell of coffee on the edges.

I have grown to love her and hate her, but either way she will never leave me.

She loves my ex-boyfriends and hates my mother.

She is the A on the final and the dirty notes in the back of the textbook.

She is the embarrassment of bled through pants during an uplifting movie scene.

She is a whirlpool of everything: all at once.

She is light and death and air and emptiness.

She is I, and I her.

Haley Ridgeway, you are the one I can’t live without.

I am Haley Ridgeway, and I must learn to love myself.

I can’t live without her.

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Our world


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