To question my sexuality

To question everything that I once knew

That I was remotely sure about 

That's hard 

For Her though 

thats has to be the easiest choice I

could make

What about her? What makes her question your morals

the beliefs about who you are ?

I thought about it and realized

What not about her

Seeing Her walk in the room sends my heart jumping like 

an excited fan at a concert

One glance, one selfie after another

These feelings deepen

Whats happening to me? Why all of a sudden

do these feelings seem to surface?

Maybe it's her eyes

One look and your under her spell, she waves her imaginary wand and

 whatever she wishes you do almost entranced

Spoken from experience 

Most likely her personality; the main cause

Her attitude towards life never waivers

Always the same down-to-Earth girl I've known

And when she smiles....

Life's rejections and imperfections seem to even out

Because of her

Thats smile can get you through the day

Spoken from experience

For its Her that uplifts me


That makes the day go on


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