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Just look in his eyes.
He's asking for help.

He doesn't know how to say it
so he just stares.

Those sunken-in eyes
the cracks in his lips.
He's not sleeping
or eating.

The boy has gone numb

All he needs is an outstretched hand.
Someone to hold him.

But he is alone.

So he thinks
and he stews
and he dwells
and he plots.

He doesn't see anyone else.

But he could see you.
You could tell him you're there.
So he's not so alone.

You could hear his thoughts
and show him there's more.

There's more for him to do
and more for him to see.

You just have to see him first.
To save him.

Just see him.

Help him.

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Amazing poem. I love the emotion and how you make the message come across so clearly. Read my poems and tell me what you think

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