HELLO : Silence

All I hear is silence. . . . . .

Silence is all I hear. . . . .

Is this really what it came to be?
Is this true ?
Is this reality?

Feels like a nightmare,
Something not wanted,
Whats the point of silence?

Trying to process it all in my mind and get it all together,
I wanted to explain what happened from the get-go,
But my words never went through yet your voice is heard,

But whats the point in Silence?

Feel like I'm trapped in the hot 200degree oven of Death Valley. . . . . . .




Baking alive. . .

It's not fair . . . . .

This Silence is killin me.

Why did you jump to conclusions?

Have you ever thought once to come to me first ?

Think about that....

Now were at a place where we're out of space...

And then silence comes in.

The moment I come to you. . .
Who got shut down ? ?
But why was it so?

What is because of assumptions and drawing conclusions?
(I think so.)
Not everything people say is true. Somehow this cliché statement is always used against people but you have to understand that I wouldn't come to that mindset and act on that level.

Not everything people say to you is true...

It's like playing telephone and you speak a message in people's ears and it goes around

and round

and round

and round....

Until you finally hear it,

And it was something totally different.. Or slightly different by chance...

You trust me and I still trust you ......

But I thought I would be the first you'd come to. .

I must've made a mistake. .
Wait. . . . .

NO !

I didn't.
You were hesitant or refused to come to me and now we are on silent terms.

And this Silence is killing me.

It's like dwelling in a big house all alone with no one there and then it happens. . .

You start hearing noises and you get paranoid....

That how this silence is to me.

Is this what I deserve?
Do I deserve what other people say to be bashed in my face?
What about the good times we had is that worth being washed down the drain?
Hope this is just a comma,
Hope it doesn't just stop here...
Maybe some day you'll understand my point of view.{Perhaps I put myself in your shoes..}
You can't be silent forever,
Where are you going to be when I call or when I NEED YOU?





*no answer*


This silence is killin me...


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