Hello, My Name is Pain.

When you look into her eyes,

and know she doesn't love you the same,

You are looking at me.

At a funeral, 

When you suck in a breath of poisoned air, 

One that reeks of decay,

That is my putrid perfume you inhale. 

When you feel the weight of the world on your chest,

and you hear your ribs cracking, 

You are feeling me, 

and my screams are what echo in your ears like cracks of lighting. 

When you cry tears that sting like acid,

that red tinge and burning in your eyes is my spit.

While you scream until your throat is raw,

my fingernails assail your esophagus.

As you slide that razor across your skin,

it is my teeth up against your wrists,

and I'm sucking all the life from your decrepit body.

When you finally feel that darkness washing over you,

it is my hair covering you like a veil.

I am Death, 

I am heartbreak,

I am rot and ruin, 

I am that corruption and dismay you feel.

You see me in the mirror every day and you hate yourself for it.

What you don't realize is the hatred is for me, 

not your own self.

I am Pain, 

like it or not, I am essential to life.



This poem is about: 
Our world


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