Hello my name is..

A girl in a tower

Doomed at the hour 

Was left all night to spin in the dark

'Straw to gold!' the king had barked

For this was the feat she claimed she possesed


With a snap and a crackle

And quite a joyus hackle

One Rumplestiltskin appeared in the gloom

'I'll make your gold' he said rather loudly 

The princess, though frighten, agreed rather readily


And gold he made all night long 

Till Morning came and exhausted he lay in the now shimering pile of straw

My price now please 

He said with a wheeze 

And the princess grudginly said


'My baby you'll have after I'm married'

'My goodness!' said he

'What do you make me to be?

I don't want your child, that's obscene.

Just a cut of the gold is all I wish!'


With a grudging sigh the girl gave up her gold

And off went rumple, not sure what he'd witnessed

But happy he was set with money till he was old

So joyus that he didn't have a child to keep

And the princess was married, though not so happily

Since all th eking wanted was gold


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