Hello Daniel

Hello Daniel 

I could still remember the first time we met 

You were 5 and I was six 

My father nervously adjusted his lips and posture to introduce us,

I was too young to understand the label “stepbrother”

That was the first hello we shared 


Daniel i called out for you 

You didn’t answer 

 i called out once more 

You still didn’t answer 

Slightly tiptoeing into your room 

As if we were playing our regular games, 


In a bat of an eye, my two feet no longer played its tiptoeing game, 

It no longer dance 

They glued themselves on the ground, 

Eyes infused with alertness, 

My body froze 


Blood extracting from your body 

Thick blood slowly running through your fingers,

Your body helplessly drowning in your own blood, 

My body gave in 

The memories we shared were on hold 

Memories that will later haunt me 

But your body was what traumatized me 

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My family
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