To Hell To Heaven To Unknown

A life of hardship awaits ln the past.
For Hell on Earth has passed me by.
Funny how the worst times flow slow.
The best go too quick.
What Hell did I live for so long?
Full of work and study was it?
Perhaps stress in home?
A memory of claustrophobia reappears.
Stuck in a triangular room.
In every corner a respected fighter.
A diploma, A check, A blood.
An entrance appears, leading out.
A new time, a new me.
The fighters fade, visible but not full.
The diploma close enough to reach.
The check manageable in hand.
The blood nods my way.
There is a release in tension.
A blossom of life in the old soul.
Forcibly distant friends close in.
Seedlings grow, interests spread.
The time flows too fast.
Heaven will not last, a new place calls me.
But the sun will shine on the seeds, forever.

This poem is about: 
My family


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