From the Heavens You Have Fallen

From the Heavens, You Have Fallen


Were you leaping across growing mountains?

Or swimming in the cytoplasm of a cell?

Perhaps you were drinking from the milky way.

From the heavens, you fell,

And now you’re here to stay.

Why did you let him test your faith?

And sweep you down with his tail?

Did you so gladly become a wraith?

And let your loyalty fail.

Were you soaring over heaven?

Were you talking to other angels,

When he led your heart to be mangled?

Are you better where you are?

Is ruining people’s lives better than dancing around stars?

Is sounding the trumpet of war

Better than playing your lyre?

Is spreading an evil fire better than serving your Lord?

I don’t think you feel better now,

Nor do you feel safe and sound.

Why did you follow him? You will just fail.

To no end, no avail.

The other ones wept for their loss.

While your white wings shredded and turned to red.

Your decision like chains of lead.

Holding you down.

And now realize that misery wants company,

You yearn for more like you.

Hurting people is your food.

Why do think like this?

End your fight, step out of the dark mist.

And into the light.

Calm your heart, which moves like waves in a tempest.

The only need for a fight,

Is the one inside you.

The one from the past, and the present. 

Why spread destruction that has no end,

When you can fly with angels and friends?

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