Heavenly Gifts

Mon, 06/20/2022 - 11:52 -- Creator

I remember how heaven was 

With no worry or war

I took heaven by its word

With no will or choice to veil my gift or hoard.


I took my Lord’s hand and headed to the world 

With love, He told me all I must to earn rewards

I found angels who live in realms by swords

Without ado, protect, provide, and preserve with swords.


I wonder if earth will be heaven again 

With its seat ever remaining Eden and the Lord’s Footstool

I implore His love within every floor and door 

Within His mortal chord and cord.


I trumpet His praise and serve as an oar 

Within His ensured judgment and defense aboveboard

I chant myself creatively unto His creativity 

With His infinite breath ticking within my mortal plane.

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Our world
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