Heavenly Birthday

Tue, 10/24/2017 - 05:30 -- _b_e_g_

You were kind and thoughtful with a warm and loving heart and when other people needed help you always played your part. You’re thought of every single day whatever time of year but somehow more than ever now that your special day is here. Wishing you were here today for even, just a while. So I could say happy birthday and see your loving smile. No present can be given and thats really very hard. The only gifts today will be your sweet memories left behind of laughter, joy and happiness that echo on in my mind. Each Memory is shinning bright and treasured dearly too, but memories can’t take the place of someone dear like you. I’ll glaze upon pictures. I’ll think of you with love and hope you’re doing fine in heaven up above. May Angels hold you closely and sing you a happy song and I’ll be sending wishes today and all year long.



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