Heaven and Hell

Thu, 10/03/2013 - 01:38 -- Whitnai

My skin be armor for all of your bullets 
I count down your game of roulette
One lucky winner of this wicked game
The first round is blank, my minds gone insane
you pulled the trigger- the principle knows pain

Falling falling 
Down I go
Deeper deeper 
So far below
To the other side of the world
unforgiven by the universe- forever in whirl

I know all your secretive dreams
That is what this all means
Inside of you is a boy afraid
A man of few, i am blown away

Flying flying
Out i go
faster and faster
Further than we know
Spinning completely out of control
Cant find my mind- it took off with my soul

Dance with my heart till the song ends
talk to my soul like long time friends
Charming you are when you look in my eyes
Completely taken when our skin glides
All that i know would be robbed by goodbyes



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