an ocean breeze fills up your senses
the seagulls flock overhead
inside there is something stirring
as if heathers exploding within
shadows block the temptress taunts
alone in the silence,

couples running naked through the sand
happy people with eyes gashed with glee
somber moments were unleashed to revere
a volcanic hot ash experience

does fear grip you the most ?
why does one equate logic as fate ?
burning desire inside yet we still high behind four walls
the chemistry is elusive in its solvent decorum
shades of green Pine embers fallen in a nearby grass knoll

we can escape if we drift
to hear the vast expanse of the Timber Wolf dash
yet never to distinguish right from wrong all is relative
let the time stop now no use looking back at the plough
in heavy burrows as if the fox had escaped through

many today escape through a prison in their mind
only to get locked up in chains
the demise of Satanic laughter filters through the duration
yet hope keeps one alive through the pain
a chance at beautiful brevity loosed in the moment
many swallow the debris of left over road kill

only to infuse a sense of togetherness
as we near this place with whom we seek
perhaps its in the never world beyond explanation
yet we still have a pulse to believe the impossible

Shoot for the stars !

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