Heartbreak Into Transformation

This is the poem where you found out I wasn't as kind as I've shown. The one where you realized I wasn't sweet like all candy. The one where I'm trying to fix myself within more anger. The first time i've ever been mad at you, but it wasn't for long. I've always been able to read people, but never my lovers. The secreat language of a mans heart, I could never read it without tearing apart his sewn love letters that patched his cracks. You wanted to know what you're a reminder of. Here it is; You remind me of the first time I had my heartbroken. The first time I tasted envious, green flames in the puddles of my tears. How i'll never fully forgive him. He lead me on, I could never write about him, but he also taught my poetry a valuable lesson. Never regreat me he said. I never will. The first time I had a taste of sour, I held onto the sweet. You're trapped inside my head and i'm digging more holes inside my burried heart to make you feel less dead. I see the sad parts. The way you could light my smile in every angle of darkness, but you still spoke to my shadows. Like they were yours. Like they weren't mine. Like you knew me the whole time, you do. You wanted to know about the bad, the worst. You remind me of a smile and owl eyes. The kind that stuck the hands of time and stopped all movement in the universe. The way your eyes looked away and held onto sorrow, I knew that after a short time, a few hours, I knew. Ive loved you before. Love is black and white. The way you talked about everyone, expect me. Everything has been so colorful since you haven't been here.


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