Mon, 09/29/2014 - 22:36 -- Zekeyra


Immense pain and depression

Most unbearable and intolerable,

That thoughts of it just kill even more!

Eyes filled with salty tears of sorrow

And pain that clings onto the soul

Easy to bear, yet difficult to remove

The heart, the ultimate reciver of emotion

feels as though it is stabbed

and the knife unmercifily pulled out

leaving one to choke, sputter, tremble and die

In cold blood...

Isolated, crestfallen, eyes only set on the past

Feeling no company, companionship, or love...

betrayal, the emotions battered, the heart's beating ceased, signaling the loss of life

A colorless world, A deprassing sigh,

A silent mind, A shattered heart

Nothing but silence to comtemplate on finding the sliightest bit of happiness

Yet, for now it is too late.

The damage is done, the pain inflicted

Every tick of the clock is a mockery!

Mockery...because though it's over for one,

Life goes on,

As if nothing happened.


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