Heart Strings

You compose a symphony

that consists of every sound that resurrects a grim memory.

You seek solace in pain,

it's the only constant you've ever known.

You perform this song for me.

With hope that I find comfort in your pain

the way you find comfort in my rapid heart beat.

Taming this vessel is a skill I thought I had mastered

but I'm splitting more at the seams with each pounding beat.

These things

can no longer be held by the adhesive plaster I've been using

I am oozing,

gushing from my sides.

I can no longer hide from the thoughts rushing through my mind.

Let us crescendo together

rise and fall into me.

Like your soft melody

you linger.

I see your silhouette in the shadow that dances against my locked door.

It's hard to breathe

even now.

I press my fingers into you

anticipating your final note of bass

as you desperately search for a base in me.

My tongue clicks and your body ticks.

like a metronome.


Comfort is found in consistency.


So my heart will pound for as long as you sing to its beat.


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