The Heart That Stopped To Soon

     I heard your heartbeat and slipped into a mini coma while dreaming of you.Your hair was silk. Your skin was gold. Your eyes were full of love.You smelled of innocence. You were nothing short of beautiful.As I traveled through this dream, I realized you had taken the life out of me.Your heart beat started to fade; I thought I was going deaf.As the thumps got lower and lower until they were no more.Your touch became a deep breath being snatched from my lungs.The blood became brighter as it stained my tan pants leaving a liquid virgin of you as you disappeared. So fragile and unreal.I longed for your heart beat.I was slipping so deep.While fighting this beautiful nightmare, my body was drowning in puddle of blood. The cord that made us one had been cut in half.I was lost. My soul was dark.Even the strongest taste of coffee could not awake me, to escape the raging pains.The thought of not being your mother was heart breaking.It couldn’t repair my womb. It couldn’t make me feel like a woman again. My soul was lost. My God was watching and listening  closely to see if I would ask for help.But this, I just couldn’t stop. I longed for you and kept faith that one day God could help me escape.Now you have a brother and a sister that I love dearly; but I still long for you. but with the help of my God I made it through.


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