Heart Spangled Banner

This country

is my home

but what it stands for

I don't always agree with


I don't like what happened

to Mike Brown's case

or how they handled

anyone who hates that race


I cried tears of joy

to hear that love won

only to have it ripped from my hands

when Trump won


I shouted "feel the Bern"

in my history class

but to the finals

he would never pass


I deal with people

who truly believe

that women can't

have abortions


Or that prohibition

was the worst thing

to happen

in this country


I can't say I love this country

there are too many flaws

but I will acknowledge

How far we've come


women can vote

trans people can go in their bathroom

gay people can still be married

and black people are better off than before


but that won't change

my neighbor with the confederate flag

or my classmate that "hates trannies"

or the people who genuinely think they're better than blacks


so until the day

everyone truly has

equal rights

I will stand up and fight


I will fight for fair treatment

and equal treatmet

I will fight until the day

I see the heart-spangled banner wave


O'er what is not truly

the land of the free

and the home

of the brave

This poem is about: 
My country


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