Heart-Shaped Vase

Mon, 05/13/2013 - 12:10 -- Shaxyel


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In a quiet little town
I owned a small shop
Inside sat a table
With a vase perched on top

A heart-shaped vase
Shades of red and pink so bright
It sat in the window
Each day and each night

But the vase was empty
A dark, ugly hole
It sat there for years
Growing lonely and cold

I filled it with flowers
Tulips and roses alike
And daises and daffodils
But nothing felt right

One day in the summer
Inside came a small boy
He brought a large smile
And a bag full of toys

He pointed to the vase
And asked for a look
I nodded with a smile
And the vase he took

He hugged it and played with it
And I started to smile
The vase seemed beautiful
For just a short while

The boy started to frown
To him, the vase was a bore
So he reached for his bag
And the vase fell to the floor

It shattered to pieces
And I stood there aghast
The boy looked down
But his concern didn’t last

He stepped on a piece
And a faint “sorry” was heard
And then he left my shop
Without another word

My empty vase was broken
I stood there alone
From the person who broke it
No remorse was shown

So I swept up the pieces
And threw them away
Why fix it when someone
Will just break it the next day?

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