This Heart Of Mine

Sun, 11/30/2014 - 16:24 -- JBell48


I am not going to give a sob story

I am not going to give a glory story

I do not have any horror stories to give

But if you look into my heart you will see the only story I live

You will see who I am

If you see pain, I couldn't beg to differ

If you see love, then you have not been fooled

This heart of mine may not be perfect

It has suffered and I know it shows

So please ignore the dents and the scratches

This heart of mine is waiting for the perfect time

To see when the eggs of emotions hatches

It begs to venture off and become what it’s meant to be

This heart of mine bares memories both good and bad

There’s nothing that it won’t conquer

There’s never a stopping point

There’s always something that it will desire

This heart of mine loves hard

It doesn’t give up on the ones it loves

It will not give so easily

Its messages are as elegant as the touch of a doves

This heart of mine will survive

This heart of mine will shine

This heart of mine will manage to revive

No matter what you hear

 The only story I can fathom to tell lies in this heart of mine

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