This Heart of Glass

He met her the day that she met him

Always together, their future without each other was quite slim

This was the superb start of something new

So thought the girl, but this boy was not true

To his own heart, that is, for this boy became a lie

To his family, his friends, and his girl "cutie pie"

She often spilled her heart, told him the darkest of secrets

"My heart is like glass" she mourned, "I hope you can keep it"

This is where things indeed take a spin

This boy, this coward, dropped this heart of glass when he stated

"This girl is so nice, but ugly as sin"

Overheard, exposed, the laughter of her classmates were elated

Luckily now, we're back to a time not so murk

Because that was the day she met me, and I met her 

Crying, mourning, all sorts of frowning in class

Was my cue to believe in her, fix this heart of glass

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Our world
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