Heart of the Devils

Whispers cherished, memories abandoned, ornaments of longing chained

Eyes so bright, hearts ignite, running cold, bleeding out a love restrained.

Arduous and enduring this companionship of sacrifice

Abusing the mind and stabbing the heart we both keep running through the slice.

We promised ourselves the world only to burn it to the ground

Listening to the screams as the bodies tumbled down.

Held so dearly in this sweet embrace dragging nails across our face.

We live to die, we die to live, we break our silence so we can’t forgive.

Our hate entices love and love chases our hopes away.

We long for a breath to breathe but we know it’ll die today.


Your eyes reflect the pale moonlight luminescing off your soul.

A hollow light with rippled reflections you cannot control.

My eyes have long ago lost the luster of living for the days

Now we stand with each other and bury the others graves.

You wanted a promise and I wanted a lie we found our compromise in truth

I found solace in not knowing while you played the devils couth.

We claimed the saints of sin while sinners all they claimed

Though our detriments far outweigh the hope sustained

I know we’ll live until we die in each others name

We survive by our dying never sacrificing blame.


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