Heart Break #HURT

A boy came in my life,

Made me believe I'd be his wife,

Talking about sugar and spice,

Everything seemed nice.


Everyday we laid up, 

All night we stayed up, 

Every minute he text me " Bae Wassup?"

Nothing was going to break us up.


One day everything came to a peak,

His love for me switched up,

We haven't laid up for weeks, 

He stop texting me wassup.


My mind is messed up,

I text him and said "Bae Wassup?"

He said "Its over. Don't fuss."

That's where he had me F*cked up, 

We been together 11 months,

Now theres no such things as us.


Next day, went on his Instagram,

He unfollowed me with aggresssion, 

Inserted "Single" in his bio with a slam,

and posted a chick with a caption full of compassion.


I can't believe Chris,

How can he do this?,

Did he even care about my feelings?,

For 11 months, was he cheating?


As I look at the picture I lose stamina, 

I can't believe I see my Ni*gga,

Kissing his bestfriend Charisma,

On some vacation in a villa,

That can't be my Ni*gga!



Girl pass me the Ciroc Summer Colada,

And a tub of ice cream vanilla, 

And turn up the Spinrilla,

Because im about to gorilla,

F*ck that, I'm about to murder Godzilla.


I did everything for that N*gga,

I put my life on hold for that N*gga, 

I risked my life for that N*gga,

Man, I would've killed for that N*gga!


If you ever fell in love, 

And you knew it felt true,

Then a Nigga F*cked Up,

And Put a Hurting on You,

Don't seek revenge, 

Instead forgive and apprehend,

and focus on yourself again


Ladies if you ever got your heart broken,

Swing your hair,

And lift your middle finger in the air, 

Because these cold-hearted men today,

Don't deserve a care.










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