Heart Attack

Sun, 09/17/2017 - 18:24 -- amgray5

"You’re standing on the sidelines, 
Watching him move across the field. 
But the air in your lungs disappears, 
As your vision becomes clouded. 
You’re having a heart attack, 
But no one sees the fear in your eyes,
As he chooses her. 

You clutch at your chest, 
Willing the pain to stop, 
As your heart shatters into a million tiny fragments.
They all cry as she turns him away,
Ignoring the hand
Closing off your windpipe,
As your lungs begin to deflate.

A grenade goes off deep inside your chest, 
Your words a mere whisper,
As the blood rushes through. 
He’s lying on the ground,
He cannot see or hear you crying out his name. 
You whisper your love, 
Letting it float up it the clouds. 

They look at you with pity, 
Shaking their heads at your misfortune. 
No one saw you begin to fall,
As they watched him instead. 
Your legs tripping over each other, 
While he ran headfirst into the game, 
Hoping to score a goal.

They hand you books filled with facts,
Ones to help you choose more wisely. 
While they ignore your fading pulse. 
As if you can just turn your heart around, 
And choose to love the one they approved.
They see love as a standard with acceptable traits,
But to you, it is a mere glimpse of raw beauty. 

In the end there is no other choice,
Why choose perfection,
When you can choose the one who stops your heat,
Even if they do not see the potential. 
He has been broken by many past heart attacks,
And you only one.
So you share the oxygen and sew up each others lungs."




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