A Heart All On Its Own


United States
40° 40' 52.3812" N, 73° 46' 37.9308" W

Why must I feel like no one cares,
Like its a problem for people to even be there.
For the ones they say they love
But only appreciate them when their so called "up above"
Above this harsh and raw world we live in
Where the people in it are zombies,
Because they're all dying within.
They repress and surpress their desires
They lite all the things they truly feel on fire
Leaveing nothing but ashes.
Ashes that drift away in the wind,
And so does everyone around them
For they have lost all their true friends.
But I am no different.
I too repress the one thing I want most.
I want to be happy but am so empty
Its like I'm a ghost
A figment of my own imagination
For I don't even know who or what I am,
Because it has all died within.
The difference between essence and appearance.
I appear to be happy,
While I allow this depression to take me over
Over a cliff where I can no longer turn back.
I'm falling deeper and deeper into this depression.
So deep that I cannot be helped.
Helped by the oneIi love for I fear he knows nothing.
All he sees is my crooked smile
And he chooses to believe it.
He sees the pain within my eyes but refuses to accept it.
All you see what u want to believe,
And believe me I'm living in hell.



Spoken from the heart..

Unanimous Anonymous

You may be residing in hell, but you do not by any means live there. The character that is required to rise above the fires and ashes of the world is not simply born, it is inspired by an event, and grown through reliance on another's character (for some, man, for me, God) that is greater than your own could ever hope to be. Though you may not understand or truly appreciate it, there are always men who will stand for and beside you, and though I may be someone you never glean the name of, I will do my best to stand beside you. Battles aren't won in a day, but every fight brings to close the end of the war, and every soul is worth fighting for.

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