Hear my World


United States
Two hands grew five flared fingers, no longer scared.
Fear not lingers in my beating heart, perplexed,
Bice and fore outstretched and flexed
I'm edgy for my start
Light gleaming from the core of me reaching for a golden dream that stands an aberration in parental vision
Long held wantings transition to reality
She dances
All about the atmosphere, inside and out of time
She tickles my ears 
A creative weaver of intrigue and passion
Dendrite domino she fashions
Notes puzzle, jump, find their way to structured sound
All around, in a round, such is sound
This love I've found...
Till knees buckle twist and become the ground
If I had my way with the green stamped wretch
I'd roll it for the mind shapers
Give them all the worthy papers
Yes, the ones who foster change and growth 
The curious knowledge chasers who shed new light on hungry minds
If I could pay, I just might
Live the dream I see at night
So sweet behind my lids
They are thin
And money's tight
Here I sit and bid on the generosity of strangers
Patience won't wave goodbye
Tug a bit, raise the blinds
Broad windows full of finds to find! 
In a world of music, that I will write.



Love it!

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