Hear Me Out

Never had I ever felt my words fall on so many deaf ears.

It's as if all the shouting has only left my vocal chords brused and angry.

The temperture of my body gets higher the more I feel unheard.

What more can I do to show you that I need reassurance, and encouragement to combat my insecurities, soothe my nerves.

Mommy is always at work trying bring home the bread.

Daddy ain't around and last I heared...

It's just me and the siblings joking, arguing, and playing around.

I fill the motherly role for many around.

I encourage them even when I'm feeling down.

Help them out if they need some financial (when I have it) or emotional support.

I provide that unconditional love and non-judgemental atmosphere.

Why is it that chidren no longer seek advice and comfort from the adults around them but their mirror image.

With people that's doing the same thing as they are:

trying to make it in a world that seems at times bleak and hopeless.

The pressure feels crushing.

Shoulders are weighed down more than the fallen Titan Atlas.

Next thing you know the proverbial sea has over taken you, raging and rolling.

Now you're drowning with no way out,

the sea is like time eternally exisiting.

It takes a moment to realize the sea is just a puddle that you could jump over.

It's alright to ask for a hand to be extendeed to you when you need it.

What has to be done for the pearls of wisdom to penetrate the machine called the mind.

Nowadays a person without the basics of  knowledge is destined to work a minimum wage job even with a high school diploma.

The message that needs awareness is that it is the educated who own businesses and truly go far in the world.

The fact is that there are too many young and elderly on the streets due to poor decisions from theirselves or others.

It's not the situations that define a person but how they resond to them.

Life isn't predictable.

It's like a rollercoaster that have you high in tthe air one moment

and crashing to the ground the next.


the ride doesn't end there it slowly starts to pick up speed until it's going full throttle, just as you should when it comes to following your dreams.

My voice is just one more added to the multitude that already exist n the world, however I hope it's one that will be heared throughout the nation.


Need to talk?

If you ever need help or support, we trust CrisisTextline.org for people dealing with depression. Text HOME to 741741