Healthy America


Taco Bell and diet Cokes

Don’t be fooled, It’s all a big joke.

“It’s low-fat and sugar-free”

Really? You think packaged food is that easy?

Pesticides and chemicals

Take out the sugar, we’ll put aspartame. Whatta Miracle!

Think twice before you eat

That’s another word for cancer, you see.

Yellow 6 and Red 3?

That’s packed in cookies and candy.

If its FDA approved, it must be okay?

Not quite, it’s causes tumors,

And this is not a rumor.

Wheat, barley, and rye?

That’s gluten you see, it’s in your pie.

It’s been linked to autism and bloat

I told you, packaged food is one big joke.

Then there’s sugar and corn syrup

You’d think, isn’t that enough?

That’s found in your precious diet pop.

It’s the main cause of obesity.

When are they going to stop?

It may never end,

But I must recommend:

Fruit and veggies

Will knock off that belly.

Whole grains and home-cooked meals

It’s a lie if it comes in a seal.

Dear America, it’s not that hard

Educate yourself and you’ll go far.

No more fast food and miracle diets

Eating right and feeling good will make you complete

Because don’t they say: “You are what you eat?”


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