For A Healthier Life


Early morning, sun is just beginning to rise

No sleep the night before I can barely open my eyes.

I’m nervous and at the same time relieved

I’ll finally be rid of thee.

You’ve been a hassle, you’ve been a pain

Having you around was driving me insane.

The doctors said it would be in my best interest

If I had you removed and be finished with it.

So here I am now getting prepped for surgery

And as I get undressed I really start to worry.

Will I be hurting?

Will I be aching?

At this point I’m really considering about flaking.

But deep down I know this is right

This fleeting feeling is something I have to fight.

I lie on the bed holding onto my courage,

but I’m finding myself a little discouraged.

I think of my mother going through chemotherapy,

and how everyday she felt wearily.

But through it all she was strong,

even when moments of pure pain would come along.

But she had a purpose, a reason to continue the fight

She had a family who she told everything will be alright.

So like her I must be,

if I am to get this lump out of me.

The nurses and doctors come in

And I’m ready for my surgery to begin.

I close my eyes as they put me under

Giving myself, I have surrendered.

And when I shall awaken I will feel

a healthier version of me, a better feel.


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