Who am I, without my well being

To strong for Armstrong, to quick for Usain, and to intelligent for Einstein.

On my best day

I'm untouchable

I train, I study, I live, I am alive

Yet, god can take it all away

Eazy-E was a rapper from heaven and Steven Jobs was ahead of his times. Inventing products no one thought of

Two men who left their mark in history

Where are they now?

Gone! Leaving Earth with their mark.

Money is said to buy happiness, buy women, buy governments, and buy people

but you can't buy health. Mother nature wins again

If you had one wish, what would you wish for

I train, I study, I live, I am alive

what's living when you're connected to the wall

what's living, when all you do is soon going to be gone

what's living

I can tell you what it's not

living isn't being sick, hurting all the time, to weak to move, to weak to smile

I can do a lot with nothing

I can't do anything without my health

With it, I am the greatest there can be

Bigger then the tallest building

Stronger then the man of steal

Faster then light

We take our health for granted

Believing were untouchable at a young age

I tell this to any strong man, you are nothing without your healthve

your will one day, crawl to your grave

be to weak to think

Nothing can be accomplished without our health

live now while we are strong

because one day are health will be gone

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One day my health was gone, my world turn to sham. Lost my scholarship and went into a time of self misery.

People can say money buys all, whats good if you cant do anything with it.

Love yourself, before its to gone. 

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