Head Slam



Poetry is the work of written frustration.

It's the challenge of overcoming writer's block limitations. 

Poetry is the constant head slamming on the pages of a three subject college ruled notebook.

It's one head slam for every lost line that your own mind took. 

Poetry is the closing of the eyes, "shit I lost what I was gonna say" moment.

           Followed by another slam until you remember what you were going to write so then you can

clone it, I mean duplicate it, or should I mean replicate..

           The scrambled thoughts in your head onto the page. Poetry is the what word sounds 

best, I mean better, or should I mean perfect...

           Because if your poem isn't perfect then are all the head slams worth it? I wish someone would have

warned me, I mean told me, or should I mean prepared me...

Fuck it. What I'm really trying to say is that someone should have given me a heads up. 

I should have been told of all the wasted paper, unfinished business, and abandoned emotions when I get stuck.

No one warned me about the times that my emotions would run dry.

Some one should have told me that tear stains on my paper would smear the words that I had chosen so carefully to use as result from the times that I cry. 

I should have been prepared for these times.

So why do I pick up a pencil only to become


hit writer's block

slam my head

have thoughts taken from me and disappear back to where they were originated

Again, slam my head with more frustration because I hit another wall of writer's block because

I forgot what I was going to say?

I do it because poetry is the only way I know how to keep my cousin, best friend, and other half, Casha, alive.

Poetry is my gift that I write to her as she watches me slam my head from up in the sky.





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