Head in the Clouds

“Get your head out of the clouds!”

They yell out from below me.

I don’t want to.


They tug at me,

shake the ladder that I stand on,

but I keep my head in the clouds.


I know that down there,

there is pain and turmoil,

up here there is happiness.


“Get your head out of the clouds!”

They yell again.

I peak a look down.


They are all so busy,

always doing something,

crawling over one another to live.


I put my head back in the clouds.

Why would I want that?

Why would I leave the clouds?


They are soft,

warm and never blame,

They can be whatever I want.


Suddenly I’m falling,

falling out of the clouds,

towards the busy people.


I try to call out to the clouds

to reach down and catch me,

but they keep drifting like nothing happened.


I’m falling,


through the blue sky.


“I’ve got you,”

says a voice

and a hand pushes on my back.


No the hand doesn’t push

The hand catches me,

softening my landing.


Except it is not one hand,

it is hundreds,

holding me up.


I realized I had stopped falling,

and now was just lying on my back

looking up at the clouds.


I miss them,

why had I fallen?

I had to find a way back.


All the hands set me down

and I look around,

each hand had a face.


Each face greets me warmly

and I feel weird.

Not a bad weird, but good.


They all want me to join them,

they will support me in hard times,

and I will do the same to them.


I look back up at the clouds missing them,

but I like it down here in a thing called



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