Is He Worth It?

There she goes again, diggin' herself deeper in that hole she's in.

No self respect, left her family and friends, set God on the back burner and when you ask her why?

Her reply every single time is, " well... i love him."

Love can make you do stupid things. It can drive you crazy, make you lazy.. have you thinking that you've definitely found the one.

Love is wanted by all living things, but in order to love or to be loved.. you must first know what love is.

Now, love by definition is a profound tender passionate affection for another person. see love is a trap and can easily turn brutal if it isnt reciprocal, downright critical.

she walks about two and fro with a smile of false security, giddy and happy because in her words, " MY man loves me"

Does he really? Are you absolutely positively sure that your HIS baby? Cause last i checked, he has a baby carrying his baby which in about 5 months will equal your drama, making you invisible, outs hined by his baby's mama.. but as you said.. he loves you.

" He lies because he cares. He didnt want to see tears come to my eyes so he masked the pain away behind a lie to protect me."

Now you know you sound utterly unintelligent. Thought you were the one and only, but lo and behold your just a side you see..never sure of where you stand, constantly asking, " Do you really love me Stevie?"

And just like Joseline you continue to be blinded by Bentleys and great sex. Next, you'll be running to the clinic to take the test, then plan to abort the seed you've sown, reaping season came to soon and you cant bear it on your own.

" But he loves me." He loves you? sounds like lust to me because any man that can lie repeatedly about where he's been and who he's seen has no regard or respect for your feelings can you see?

Men are just greedy... they come around and act needy hoping for a free pass to the goodies, you fall into the conspiracy, he's hoping to discover your inner mysteries, Wake up! Enough is enough.

Know your worth, respect yourself. Your a lost soul crying out for help, and your desire to be loved has left you out for dead.

Know your wealth, how can someone love you if your dont first love yourself?

Respect yourself, fullfill destiny. Be an inspiration to little girls out there to love their inner me that can often be there enemy.

before you lose it all, take a second, think about it. Is he worth it?


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