He who is


United States
38° 55' 24.9528" N, 76° 33' 37.3788" W

He who walks a thousand miles,
To reach the moon, to reach the sun,
To reach a goal that is never done.
He who dreams about an hour,
About a day, about a year,
Where he will never live in fear.
He who does the best he can,
Who works all day, who works all night,
Till he can see the morning light.
He who speaks with all his heart,
To very few and sometimes all,
To prevent his perpetual fall.
He who knows what others don’t,
What some wonder, what some need,
To do each and every good deed.
He who travels a lonely path,
One of silence, one of pain,
Even in the pouring rain.
But she who stands right next to him,
By his side, and will never flee,
Will make him—the happiest he will ever be.


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