He was a shy boy

Thu, 10/03/2013 - 20:34 -- LandryM


He was a shy boy, but not like most shy boys. He liked

video games, says the many console systems he had in his room.

He was very competitive, but never really liked playing sports.

He has an unusually high IQ, says the gifted and talented program

he was accepted into in the 4th grade; But not a boy of arrogance,

says the way he treats other people. He is a boy of manners, but isn’t

afraid to tell people how he truly feels. He is a boy of Intuition;

He can sense when something is wrong.


His mother and little sister lived with him, says the stuffed animals and

women’s clothing found in the bedrooms they subsisted in. They had lots

of animals (one’s that weren’t stuffed and stitched up) to keep them

company in the house they lived all alone in. “This house is only

temporary”, says the mother as she bids her children something to

look forward to. The house was small, says the many stacked boxes

waiting to be unpacked in the garage. It felt like an awakening almost;

Even money doesn’t last forever.


The boy, having lost all hope, was told by his thrilled mother of a fresh

new start during a phone call early one Friday morning. The boy couldn’t

believe what was happening, says his flabbergasted face. Could

his life be turning around? Only time can tell, or so they say;

But what of the past? They say not to dwell on it, but how can one

learn? And the boy? He’s not a boy any longer. He’s all grown up,

in a new high school with no familiar faces, happy and hopeful because

of his new beginning. Thank-You God, he says.


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