He in the Shadows

Sat, 05/12/2018 - 14:21 -- kp00790

He is quiet. He is calm. He always sits in the darkest corners. He is not safe. He is dangerous. He is deadly.

Not everyone sees him, but he's always there with me. The slightest bit of hesitence will make him bear his teeth and attack me.

He wont go away no matter how hard I try. 

He's always there starig at me, watching me. Waiting for the opportunity to strike. Like a dog attacks his prey, he bares his teeth around my neck. 

I can't breathe, hopefully this time i'll die. But alas he realeases his grip as soon as I was going to be at ease, but no. 

I put the pills away. I rip up the suicide note. I start to eat. I don't try to drown myself. 

I'm not going to die. Not this time. He can't make me do it. 

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