He said Go


My part of the end of the earth

My circle of influence

My family, my school, my church, my city

Is my responsibility


I have been given a mission as important as survival

As vital as the blood that courses through my veins

As essential as the sun rising and the stars shinning

The weight of accountability has been laid upon me

It’s a cross that as a Christian it’s not easy to carry

Because it causes worry

A constant burden piercing my conscious

It’s like his last words eco through my head

He said

“Go and Make Disciples of all nations”


Jesus said

 Don’t hesitate to proclaim the message of my love to any soul

These words should be the push that sends me to the nations

Not nations unreachable and just too distant to be considered

But nations in the proximity of my daily life

Nations within the touch of my actions

The nations assigned to me…now

My heart burns with the desire to impact mine

It hurts with the regret of not doing so


I see it everyday

The pride that so easily covers the lies of being “just fine”

The nods and weak smiles that mask what’s been cruelly taken

But I was called to stand out and notice what’s forsaken


It’s easier to plug in my iPod and let the music play

Drowning the sound of the world’s fractured façade

Easier not to care but to ignore and proceed with the flow

That which presents a challenge to my ego


It’s too high a price to pay we say

What bruises our reputation and questions our passion for Yahweh

Who are we really obeying?

God’s word or our selfish cravings?


If only we would see what the final message is

Our devotion to knowing God will fill us with his words

Words spoken in boldness, words that break shackles

Words that will usher in an age of revival

It all starts in our hearts and continues on our knees as we seek to please…. Him



Hear and see and as a result act and speak

The truth that has set you free

Hear him say “Go as I went, love as I loved…

Seek with unshaken pursuit what my heart wants to do”


If love is real

Then love should be strong enough to drive out all fear

If love is in us

Then love should be the one thing we reveal


If we really loved our neighbor as ourselves then their pain would be our own

Their unshed tears would fall like raindrops of grief thudding at the windows of our hearts

Their past would leave US scars that ache with the pain of being touched by the perfect healer

Their brokenness would become the enemy we’re willing to destroy


Be the one to care

The one who not only stares at your personal storm

But at the destruction of the world as a whole

The one that’s not only reaching for their own paradise but for someone else’s one treasure

The one that wins the tug of war whose center is another’s heart and points them to everlasting life


Let him quiet us with his love and fill us with his hope

Let his desires become what we fight for

Let our acts of worship pour out of thanksgiving

Let us look beyond ourselves and into the glory of our savior

Let us take back the lives that rightfully belong to our God

Let us be the ones to go

To our nations and make the Lord’s name known


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