He said


United States

He said he loved me 

He said he cared 

He said he'd always be the only one there 

He said it was my fault 

That I should have never done this and that 

He said he was sorry 

That we were perfect together 

He said it'd never happen again

And wiped away my tears 

He said it wouldn't have happened if I never talked back

He said he just reacted 

May be if I talked less

Smiled less 

Wore less

Wore more?

He'd love me more

Maybe if I stayed by him more 

Stayed out later

Stopped talking to her 

Hung out with him less

I'd get it right/ I'd be right for him, to him

May be if I got my

Partners switched in class 

May be if I looked around less 

He'd care less 

He said he loved me 

That's why he hit me 

He said he cared 

That's why he cut off my air 

He said he was sorry

He said it was my fault 

May be he's right

He said he loved me...

It was all because he loved me...

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